1. Pre-Construction Meeting with Destiny Homes Construction Representative

New homebuyer meets with representative of Destiny Homes Construction. It is an opportunity for
Destiny Homes Construction to explain the entire building process, and answer any questions the
homebuyer may have. By this meeting the new homebuyer will have also received a copy of the home
plan and standard specifications etc.

2. Notice to Proceed

Homebuyers are scheduled at this time to sign Notice to Proceed. At the same time there would be final
draft of the home plan that need to be approved and signed by the buyer in order for Destiny Homes
Construction to begin the construction. Homebuyers will also receive the Allowance Sheet and Vendor
list where they will go to select their appliances, light fixtures, flooring, cabinets etc.

3. Electrical Walk-Through

After the framing is up the homebuyers will be schedules to do electrical walk-through in order to see
overall progress and to decide on the placement of the light fixtures, TV and Phone Outlets.

4. Quality Walk Assurance Inspection

Prior to the actual homebuyer walk-through, Destiny Homes Construction Assurance personnel stages
its own quality control check of your home. We will looks at every detail and runs all the utilities to ensure
the home is ready for a "New Home Orientation" walk with the homebuyer. After this Destiny Homes
Construction inspection is completed all needed repairs or touch-ups are made and the home is
approved for scheduling a walk-through with the homebuyer.

5. Final New Home Orientation Walk-Through

Once the home is completed, Destiny Homes Construction will contact the homebuyer with a day and
time for your walk-through. Destiny Homes Construction will walk with the homebuyer  inspecting the
construction of the home and familiarizing the homebuyer with the home's quality features. Destiny
Homes Construction will keep track of all repairs that will need to be done before the homebuyer officially
moves into their moves into their home. At this time the homebuyers will review the Customer Service
homeowner manual, copy of which would be given to them to at the time of closing, which explains the
warranty service, maintenance of your home and more.
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